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Chapter 3 Sensors
by T. Filleter, A.M. Beese, M.R. Roenbeck, X. Wei, H.D. Espinosa

Performance and efficiency demands in industrial applications are pushing a need for carbon fibers that can outperform existing technologies. Fibers that incorporate carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to enhance specific mechanical properties ...

by Glen N. Barber

Invading microbes are detected by cellular sensors, the consequences of which result in the production of potent anti-pathogen proteins such as type I interferon (IFN) as well as other cytokines ...

by Mohammad Mirkhalaf, Deju Zhu, Francois Barthelat

Materials such as bone, teeth, and seashells possess remarkable combinations of properties despite the poor structural quality of their ingredients (brittle minerals and soft proteins). Nacre from mollusk shells is ...

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