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by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Marcella Beccaria, Elena Volpato, Elif Kamisli, Richard Cytowic, Claire Lehmann

Inspired by the work of anthropologist Michael Taussig, among others, Colori investigates the use of color through the presentation of over 400 works by more than 130 artists from around ...

by Steve Colori

In this powerful memoir, 15-Time Oxford University Medical Journals Contributor, McLean Hospital's Harvard Resident Doctors' Lecturer, and Good Men's Project Columnist Steve Colori courageously articulates his experience of facing and ...

by Bruno Del Medico

Il libro si divide in tre parti. Nella prima (Le intuizioni) tratta le ipotesi più rilevanti sulla realtà illusoria del mondo percepibile e sull’esistenza di un livello di coscienza trascendente ...

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