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Fiber Accelerator
by Alan D. Bross, Randal C. Ruchti, Mitchell R. Wayne

The proceedings of SciFi97: Workshop on Scintillating Fiber Detectors is the third conference in a series in which prior meetings were held at Fermilab (SciFi88) and Notre Dame (SciFi93). The ...

by A S Vasudeva

Volume – I: Simple Harmonic Motion | Wave Motion| Interference | Diffraction | Polarization | Scalar And Vector Fields | Electromagnetism | Maxwell'S Equation| Spectroscopy | Matter Waves And Uncertainty ...

by Pramod K. Rastogi, Erwin Hack

Phase plays an important role in all branches of optics and imaging and in all wavelength ranges from x-ray to millimetre-waves. The key topics of the conference are therefore phase ...

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