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Meyerhof G G
by G.G. Meyerhof

by Dr. W. Voegelin, Dr. J.E. Nenninger, Dr. W. Krenger, Dr. M. Meyerhof, Dr. G. Buschan Dr. J.J. Jenny

by Gerhard Seifert, U. Beisiegel, F. Buck, G.V. Childs, I. Damjanov, M. Dietel, H. Griesser, R.D. Hesch, H. Höfler, E.V. Jensen, W. Jonat, H. Jüppner, P. Karlson, H. Kreipe, J. Lloyd, G. Mengod, W. Meyerhof, S.D. Morley, A. Niendorf, J.M. Palacios, M.R. Parwaresch, A. Probst, H.J. Radzun, D. Richter, G. Seitz, H.-E. Stegner, R. Tibolt, M. Vierbuchen, N. Wernert

An up-to-date review of the morphology and pathological aspects of cell receptors, important because new therapies for various pathological conditions (genetic diseases, endocrine disorders, cancer, etc.) could be based on ...

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