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Seebeck Effect
by Michael Spry

It started as an introductory work on thermoelectrics, reviewing theory from the perspective of zero-sum energy balance within thermoelectric elements. This would involve the resolution of temperature dependencies using finite ...

by Julian Goldsmid

This book outlines the principles of thermoelectric generation and refrigeration from the discovery of the Seebeck and Peltier effects in the nineteenth century through the introduction of semiconductor thermoelements in ...

by Katsuaki Sato, Eiji Saitoh, Arthur Willoughby, Peter Capper, Safa Kasap

Spintronics (short for spin electronics, or spin transportelectronics) exploits both the intrinsic spin of the electron andits associated magnetic moment, in addition to its fundamentalelectronic charge, in solid-state devices. Controlling ...

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