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by Ioannis (CRI) Bakas, Márton (CRI) Herczeg, Eldbjørg Blikra (CRI) Vea, Anna (IVL) Fråne, Lena (IVL) Youhanan, John (Østfoldforskning) Baxter

Recycling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) traditionally focuses on large quantities of waste materials such as plastics. However, some product groups in the WEEE contain hidden treasures ...

by David Watson, Maria Elander, Anja Gylling, Tova Andersson, Pirjo Heikkilä

Extending the active lifetimes of textile products should be prioritised in efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of textile production. However, once textiles are worn out, recycling them back into ...

by Karsten Albæk, Torben M. Andersen, Rita Asplund, Erling Barth, Bernt Bratsberg, Lars Calmfors, Antti Kauhanen, Jukka Lassila, Mika Maliranta, Niku Määttänen

The Nordic welfare model has received a lot of positive attention around the world. High standard of living, small income disparities and substantial social mobility looks like a very ...

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